SERIES: Artist Statement, May 2018

ABOUT THIS ARTIST STATEMENT SERIES:  I’m going to start archiving all of the artist statements I write in applications and  on this blog.  Here is an artist statement from an exhibition application from today, May 17, 2018:

Through my videos, installations and performances, my current work is an exercise in the reifying or transformation of shame. I do this by playing with a few different elements- corner spaces, imagery or symbols of shame and the form of a bow. I’m fascinated by the fact that a corner space can look like a bow (two planes converging on a center point) while at the same time a corner space can be the space that holds forgotten or shameful bodies (the dunce). In my work, I create a fluid slippage of meaning between these three elements. My goal is to fold together and create a multiplicity of meaning around shame. This all comes out of an interest in the affect of shame and its immense complexity. It is more than a negative emotion that overcomes us but can also be a gift or a tool for moments of inspiring action.