SERIES: Artist Statement, September 2018

ABOUT THIS ARTIST STATEMENT SERIES:  This is an ongoing series and archive of various ways I’ve described my work.   

Current Artist Statement from my website….

I am an intuitive thinker and maker working in a variety of disciplines and am greatly influenced by the work being done in affect and queer theory by writers such as Brian Massumi, Eve Sedgwick, Michael Warner and David Getsy.  These writers are mining the territory of queerness and the general nature of in-betweenness in ways that intersect with my studio practice in a myriad of direct and indirect ways.

The concept of in-betweenness or the liminal is emanating throughout all of my work.  Whether it’s a phrase of text in a video that hovers in and out of states of legibility, an installation of twisted t-shirts ambiguously formed in the corner of a room or a surface that is at once a painting, sculpture and a pelt of skin, the aspect of the liminal is prominently at play.

In my current painting, video and sculptural works there is a recurring form that looks like this: I><I . Sometimes it is clearly a bow tie, sometimes it’s a corner space and other times it’s an open book. I use this form to explore, tweak, queer and poeticize the relationships between TEXT, art, clothing, and space.